Sunday, 16 February 2014

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Miss Lee and Yr5@ctk

Monday, 25 November 2013

Swim School

Swim School
 By Michael V, Samuel

From the 11th of November, Christ the King has participated in a two week swim school program. Year 5, had swimming lessons at 10:30am. In the morning we would change and catch the bus with Year 2. When we arrived at the pool,  we were assigned into groups. We then got into the pool and started swimming. The next day the top 3 groups got to swim outside and it was very cold. But in the 2 weeks Year 5 have learnt a lot from swim school like learning how to dive better. Year 5 had a fun time and is we are ready for the swimming carnival. On our last day of swim school the whole school was not able to go because of the thunderstorm.  

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bushfire Paintings

Bushfire Paintings
By Jasmine and Meg

We have been thinking of those involved in the recent bushfires around NSW, particularly those in the Blue Mountains. On Wednesday 24th October Year 5 painted pictures of bushfires with burning trees. The background is made with red, orange, and yellow paint blended together. We used black oil pastels, white oil pastels and a lead or black pencil to make the trees. We used the white oil pastels to smudge the tree.

We also wrote prayers underneath about the fire brigade and those around them to keep  them safe. Here are some of the prayers:
Dear God,
Please help the people fighting the fire succeed. Please help the people who lost their homes, and protect the fire fighters and people who are near the fires.
Amen. By Tracey T

Dear God,
Without the Fire brigade there would probably probably already be hundreds dead, please help them to fight the fires and keep them and those around the fires safe.
Amen. By Meg B

Dear God,
Please help the fire brigade to stop the fires and keep all the people whose homes are threatened and gone to find a new home.
Amen. By Jasmine E

Dear God,
Thank you for the fire brigade please help them to stop the fires so that we can be safe and happy Amen.
By Luke D

La Salle Soccer Gala Day

Soccer Gala Day
By Dylan and Michael N

On the 16th of October on Wednesday the Year 5 boys went to La Salle Bankstown located in Chapel Rd for a Soccer Gala Day. The schools that attended were St John Vianney, St Brendan, St Felix, St Mary’s and Christ the King.

We played 3 games plus 1 final. The top two schools making it into the finals. In our 1st game we played St John Vianney the score was 5-0. In the second game we won 6-0 against St Brendan’s. In the 3rd game against St Felix we also won 6-0. We played against St John Vianney in the Grand final and the score was 1-0, it was a tough game. We will be getting medals because we won the Grand final.

We had a very fun day and it was a very hot day. Some people who scored and they were Michael N, Luke, Jack, Christopher, Dylan, Jason, Chica, Charbel, Samuel and Christian B. Congratulations to all teams who entered the gala day!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Mulga Bill's Bicycle

Mulga Bill’s Bicycle   
By Lily

Year 5 have been reading the Mulga Bill Bicycle by Banjo A Patterson. This book is a poem about; a man who thinks he knows how to everything and anything, he tries to take on an beast with 2 wheels, but ends up in an terrible manner. Yr 5 have even created their own versions of Mulga Bill’s Bicycle.

Marley Will
By Clare
Was Marley Will, from Bass Hill, that caught the Tennis craze;
She turned away the rusty, old skateboard that served her many days;
She dressed herself in tennis clothes, so great to be seen;She ran off to the shops and bought a sparkling new racket 
And as she swung it through the door, with air of great zing. 
The smiling shop assistant said, “ Excuse can you swing?”
“Say what” said Marley Will, “From Ireland to the sea, from Sydney to Perth there’s none that can swing like me.”
I’m good at everything as everybody knows, although i’m not one to talk - I hate a girl who runs. 
But swinging is my special gift, my life's delight; Just ask a wild bear can it climb, a blue fish can it swim. 
There’s nothing clothed in fur or hide, or built of metal or flesh, there’s nothing hops or jumps, or climbs, on axle,hoof or wheel, 
But what I’ll stand, while hold and grip and racket are tight:
I’ll swing this racket right straight at the ball, out of sight.

Tracey Kill’s skates
By Tracey
It was Tracey Kill, from Bass Hill, that caught the skating craze; she turned away the dusty, old ipad that served her many days; she dressed herself in skate clothes, so bright to be seen; she ran off to the shopping centre and bought a pair of new skates; and as she whoosh it through the door, with air of style and pride, the smiling shop assistant said “yo little girl, can you ride?” “ say something, yo foe” said Tracey Kill , “from Wakeley to the sea, from Junior Park to Allton, there’s none who can skate like me!”

Lil Drill
By Lilly
It was Lil Drill from Futureville, that caught the flying craze; She turned away the fantastic flying board that served her many days; she dressed herself in flying clothes, so magnificent to be seen; she raced off to the flying shop and bought an incredible new machine; And as she flew it through through the door, with air of future pride; The bored robot shop assistant said, “ Hey young human girl, can you drive?”. “Can’t you see dumb robot,” said Lil Drill, “From planet Earth to Mars, from Futureville to Roboton there's none that can fly like me”.

I’m the best at all time as everybody knows, Although I’m not the one to walk I hate a girl that runs, But flying is my special gift, my life’s sole delight; Just ask an wild  mutant fish can it swim, a wild robot cat can it fight. There’s nothing worn in metal or steel, or built of titanium or flesh There's nothing walks or jumps, or runs, on engine, hoof, or wheel, But what I'll sit, while hide will hold and  seat belt are tight: I'll ride this here 4-wheeled concern right straight away at sight."

It was Lil Drill from Futureville, that was at her own place, That sat above Steel’s Creek, beside the city road. She turned the car down the hill and mounted for the fight, But here she'd gone a dozen yards it bolted clean away. It left the track, and through the trees, just like a silver streak, It whistled down the awful slope towards the Steel's Creek.

It shaved an stump by half an inch, it dodged a big white-box. The very robot kangaroos in fright went jumping up the rocks, The bots hiding in their lairs dug deeper underground, As Lil drill, as white as a ghost, sat tight to every bound. It struck a boulder and gave a spring that cleared an fallen old tree, It raced beside a crevice as close as close could be; & then as Lil Drill let out one last despairing scream made a leap of 5 million feet into Steel’s Creek.

It was Lil Drill, from Futureville, that slowly swam ashore: She said, “I’ve had narrer shaves and lively drives before; I’ve rode a wild bull round a city to win a 50 cash bet, But this was the most awful drive that I’ve encountered yet. I’ll give that 4-wheeled outlaw best; it’s shaken all my nerve; to feel it zoom through the air & splash & plunge & swerve. It’s safe at rest in Steels Creek, we’ll leave it lying still; A flying board is good enough for me Lil Drill”.

Monday, 9 September 2013

CTK Talent Quest

Talent Quest
By: Michael Vu and Kathleen

On the 4 of September Wednesday, the whole school went up to the hall to watch CTK’s most talented students, including children from our class JCM (Jack, Christian E and Michael N) and Jasmine. The acts in the talent quest included singing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy and music. Everyone was very excited to watch CTK's talent.

There was lots of acts that were amusing and great to watch. There were all sorts of acts, like children singing to songs, children using a hula hoop At the end of the talent quest, everyone who made it into the talent quest received two packets of lollies for participation.

Finally, it was the time for the judges [our student teachers] to announce the winners. In third place was Georgina in Year 2 who danced to Gangnam Style in a very funny way. In second place was a tie with Rhiannon in Year 6 who played the drums to a rock song, and Jasmine in Year 5 who did gymnastics which really made people flip. In first place was Joseph, who played the piano, that sounded like something in a orchestra.

In the end the talent quest was very amazing, and we can't wait until next year to see what CTK has next. A big congratulations to all students in Year 5 who auditioned and especially to Jasmine, Jack, Christian E and Michael N.

What was your favourite act?

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Our Class Newspaper

CTK Herald
By Gabby N

On Tuesday 27th August Year 5 created a newspaper. We each had a partner to interview and find out lots of information about them. We found out what they wanted to be when they were older, their interests etc. It was a really great lesson to learn more about our partner.

First we asked our partner some questions which could tell us some things about their daily life. After we questioned them we got to write a newspaper article on them. It was great fun to write a newspaper article on them.

Next we made a picture collage of our person. The pictures in the collage included pictures of their face eg. ear, eyes, hair etc. We had to send the collage to Miss Lee. After that task we got to draw, paint etc a picture of our partner we interviewed. The pictures turned out to be very realistic and lifelike.

We made a presentation of the CTK Herald including the article and our collages. In the end we printed our newspaper to show it to Mrs Jones. Thank you Miss Lee for this very fun experience and year 5 would absolutely love to do it again.